Inspired by Nature and the Nature of Things

Our picture book Annie and Eva Love Devon was created with a sense of gratitude for all that the beautiful county of Devon has given 'Annie and Eva'.

This book celebrates the different colours, shapes and places of this wonderful county.

It is ideal for reading to (grand)children, whilst evoking fond memories of various places in Devon for adults.

“The book is an absolute delight. Beautifully written and illustrated by Ann Skinner. I loved every page!”- Louise

Two peas in a pod and best friends ... watch the video where Annie reads some of our stories
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Meet Annie and Eva!

“…Annie is Eva’s best friend and she has tried her best to be ‘the leader’ as they taught her in the ‘how to be a good pack leader’ books. Sometimes it works but more often Eva manages to lead her astray. Annie has decided to be ‘the human’ instead.

Eva is Annie’s best friend. Most of the time she lets Annie lead because Annie is quite cool really and takes her to lots of nice places. Eva is pretty clever and knows many words which she will only listen to when it suits her. She’s always looking for ways to make Annie play with her when she has sat at her computer for too long… “

Extract from our book Annie and Eva Love Devon.

"Oh Eva," said Annie.
"I so adore Devon. I just love, love, love it!" [...]

"Why do you love it so much, Annie?" asked Eva. [...]

"It's such a magical place," replied Annie.
"So full of colour, beautiful views, wildflowers, wild moors, wild ponies and wild old gnarly trees." [...]

Extract from our book Annie and Eva Love Devon.

More about Annie and Eva ...

'Annie and Eva’ are real, although our stories may be an interpretation of life by the creator, Ann Skinner!

Our visual stories were inspired by my love of life and the countryside of our county, beautiful Devon, my dog Eva and my passion for doodling.

As I walk and work, I can’t help but be inspired by all that life has to offer – from people and daily events to colours and nature.  

Doodling and writing was an outlet for my inspiration and after publishing Annie and Eva Love Devon, the characters continued to come through as I mused on life.

Sadly my dearest Eva died in March 2023, aged 9. She left a big hole in my heart but thankfully she sent us a little rescue angel who we called Honey. She too has inspired my creative heart and has joined my doodle stories.

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